In order to regain possession of the family ranch,a retired Navy SEAL has one year to marry, have a child, and find brides for his three brothers.

The Navy SEAL's E-Mail Order Bride (The Heroes of Chance Creek, #1)

The Navy SEAL’s E-Mail Order Bride

I was surprised how well Seton develops her characters’ relationship first online and then in person. There’s a great mix of humor and romance, as t gruff military man Mason tries to find common ground with quirky Regan. Each of them has such a set view of who they are and what they want out of life. It’s fun to watch them challenge each other.

In terms of setting, I loved the contrast between Manhattan and Montana. How the vibe of each place brings out different aspects of the characters’ personalities. Seton manages to depict life on a sadly neglected ranch in such a realistic way. It adds a lot of texture and helps advance the plot. I especially loved the scene where Mason and Regan brave the elements together. And, of course, the obstacle course scene….original and very sexy.

The obstacles the couple faces are a nice mix of the internal and the external. They have a mess on their hands with the ranch. But there’s also the issue of Mason readjusting to civilian life and learning to put his dreams for the ranch into perspective. Regan learns to let go a little and trust that life can be good all on its own.

This is an enjoyable book that made me eager to continue with the series.