A veteran detective who discovers he has only weeks to live must find a way to ensure the safety of his killer’s real target.

Dying for Her

Dying for Her

This action-packed third entry in the Jesse Sullivan series focuses on our favorite Necronite’s (a person who has the ability to die and come back to life) handler, Detective James Brinkley. He discovers he’s going to be murdered by Jesse’s most dangerous nemesis–her father. He’s also a necronite, but he has some extra abilities that make him almost impossible to defeat. He’s enacting some big plan that concerns other special necronites, most importantly, Jesse.

In a departure from the first two book in this series, DYING FOR HER is told exclusively in Brinkley’s point of view. It also switches back and forth between events ten years ago, when Brinkley first met Jesse’s father and unwittingly helped create the monster he became, and a present that covers from the end of book one through all of book two. Despite this parallel time line, there’s very little overlap in content. We get a completely new story that reveals the machinations that went on as Jesse was busy with the events in DYING BY THE HOUR. That said, for maximum enjoyment, I’d suggest reading the books in order.

Brinkley is a fascinating character. Shrum digs into his conflicted personality and personal demons. We also get to know Jesse’s father back when he was more victim than villain. This adds so much emotional resonance to the series as a whole. The sections set in the past are also some of the scariest in the series as Brinkley’s missing persons investigations take him into a dark, vile world that most good citizens of St. Louis couldn’t imagine.

Not only does DYING FOR HER flesh out the pasts of favorite characters, it introduces us to some fabulous new ones. Two in particular, Maisie and Gideon, promise lots more excitement to come in future books.

All in all, an excellent addition to the world of Jesse Sullivan.