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Good Writers Read.

Getting this message out is my mission in life…my passion. It’s the reason I chose to host a book blog on the home page of my author website, and why I spend as much time reviewing the books of other writers as I do writing my own. I know that the quality of my own work is dependent upon those writers and every word my brain–and heart–processes.

Every Friday I send out a note on a book-related theme. Carrie’s Notebook¬†might include an essay, a review of a great book, an excerpt from a novel or play I love, or an interview with a fascinating author. Every week, you’ll also get a peek at what I’m reading. The good. The bad. And the just so-so. ¬†Hey, they can’t all be winners! That’s part of the fun of reading…picking a title and seeing where it takes you.

Every so often, I’ll mention news from the world of my own writing…a snippet from a work in progress, an announcement of the launch of a new title, even offers for free books and stories.

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