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My First Video Review!

This is my very first video review…raw…uncut…all “ummms” and throat clearing included. What I like about this process is that it allows for a spontaneity that isn’t possible with even the most enthusiastic written review. Words on the page (or screen), however thoughtful and honest, are inert. It’s all, “I loved/hated this product and here’s why.” A linear, intellectual exercise. What this video shows is a kind of goofy human being interacting with a real item (a pretty cool goal planner) that she’s invited into her real life.

I’d like to make video reviews a regular feature of the blog. It will be a learning process. For example, this video file is too large for this particular site. That’s why I’m providing a link, so you can view it on Amazon. Videos uploaded directly to the blog will have to be less than half the size. I guess that will force me to be get to the point fast!

Also, for now only print books will get video reviews. My current e-reader is an older Kindle with a black-and-white display. That means e-book covers don’t shine in all their glory. Hopefully I’ll upgrade at some point.