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What Jennifer Knows
Contemporary women’s fiction




“I started off liking What Jennifer Knows…I finished the novel loving it.” ~ Judith Barrow, author and creative writing tutor.

Sensitively drawn characters charm us… The shifting nature of loyalty and love is portrayed through searingly honest glimpses into the characters lives, both past and present.” ~ Jenny Worstall, author and musician.

Jennifer Jacobs unwittingly discovers a link between two of her friends. Should she speak out or stay silent?

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What I Did Not Say

What I did not say cover



“Outstanding mystery/thriller. I was blown away by this novel…” ~ Babus Ahmed,  Amazon Top 1000 reviewer and prolific book blogger.

 “Part 2 was the trial, where the pace and tension were excellent. The pages seemed to  turn themselves.” ~ Amazon reviewer. 

Jessica Morley is on her way to meet with a man she has not seen for fifteen years. In her bag  there is a package she must deliver.

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The Sickness
Supernatural horror





“If you like your supernatural horror to be dark, gruesome and unequivocally gory, then  this is the book for you. It is explosive, expertly written and riveting.” ~
Shelley Wilson, author of The Guardians, YA fiction novels.

“This book is subtly rather than in-your-face     creepy, and the story unfolds at a steady pace, building up to an explosive end; this is a  writer who totally ‘gets’ suspense.” ~
Terry Tyler, author of nine highly rated novels, including The House of York.

Forced home to attend his parents’ funeral, James Harris returns to a place of childhood  torment and gruesome horror.

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Death Times Three
Cozy mystery









“Elinor (Gray) is a wonderful amateur sleuth—shes whip-smart and determined without coming across as nosy or arrogant.” ~ Elizabeth Maria  Naranjo. 

“I’m a sucker for stories involving a female who can’t resist sticking her nose into a  curious puzzle and the attractive man who can’t stop her.” ~ Terri Case.

A Las Vegas librarian trips over a murdered artist and an amateur sleuth is born. Two short  stories and a novella.

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The House of York
Contemporary family drama

House of York




“The ending to the story kept me thinking for days.” ~ Shaz Goodwin, book blogger and  Amazon Top 100 reviewer.

“Best book I’ve read this year.” ~ Joanne Phillips, top selling women’s fiction author.

Love, loss, jealousy, abduction and murderous intent form the basis of this highly acclaimed,  complex family saga spanning the years 1993 – 2014.

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Review: A Little Ray of Sunshine

The alienated daughter of a has-been child star is “tricked” into going home and facing her past.

A Little Ray of Sunshine

A Little Ray of Sunshine

I loved this book. Loved it. Wish I could give it more than five stars.

EJ is hard to like at first. She’s jaded and sarcastic, but she’s also funny and compassionate and (one senses) is in her heart of hearts looking for the tiniest opening to go back and recover the unrecoverable. For the past six years, she’s been living a nomadic life out of her Airstream RV, hopping from one minimum wage job to another in a quest to outrun her self-broken heart. She’s working at a gas station/convenience store in New Jersey when the book opens. One night a woman named Jess breaks down. EJ doesn’t usually like to get involved. She’s sort of shamed into helping by another (rather mysterious) customer. EJ isn’t thrilled when Jess claims to be an angel sent to help her. When EJ learns that her estranged mother is planning to marry for the eighth time–and that the groom is EJ’s substitute dad (and the father of the love of her life), she’s flabbergasted but still doesn’t plan on going home to Oregon for the occasion. So, Jess basically hijacks the Airstream while EJ’s asleep.

Of course, EJ doesn’t really have to go along with Jess scheme, but she does. Not because of her mom, with whom she has major issues, but because of Luke. He and EJ grew up together, fell in love, and got engaged. Then, for reasons I never did quite grasp, though her mom’s bad behavior is in the mix somewhere, EJ abandoned him. She tells herself that going back home will give Luke closure, but the reader knows she wants Luke back. That said, the book isn’t a romance. It’s character driven and focuses on EJ’s relationship with her mother and with her own battered self-image.

All of the characters in A LITTLE RAY OF SUNSHINE are hysterical and so imperfect you could strangle them–if you weren’t laughing so hard.
Each one of them grows in important ways, yet they all remain flawed. There are no huge epiphanies. Just human beings struggling to do better and make amends. And when the truth about Jess comes out, all the drama and personal nonsense falls by the wayside as EJ and her entire patchwork family rally around the would-be angel. I would love to know more about what happens to Jess. I got so attached to her.

As I said, the EJ-Luke romance is not central to the novel. It is, however, pivotal. It isn’t a matter of love. But instead, is love enough without trust? And, once lost, can trust ever truly be rebuilt? The final answer to that question kept me on the edge of my seat until almost the last scene.

A LITTLE RAY OF SUNSHINE is a warm, funny, emotional book. I can’t recommend it highly enough.