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Three Ways to Deal with the Hard Stuff

This is going to be short. It has to be. Thanks to an unexpected case of tendinitis–though is there ever a case that is expected?–in my left shoulder, I’m typing it with my non-dominant hand as I wait for the Ibuprofen to kick in.

And my blog reboot had been going so well!

Luckily, I did some serious spiritual work during my disappearance from social media. Let’s see if any of that meditation, mindfulness, and gratitude practice took root. Right now, I’m calling upon the sage advice of Eckhart Tolle, whose books I’ve read and re-read this past year. As he sees it, there are three sane ways to deal with hard breaks:

  1. Change the situation.
  2. Leave the situation.
  3. Surrender to the situation.

My tendinitis IS. I can’t change it. I also can’t walk away from it. I can only accept that this is what’s happening to me NOW. Well…Tolle admits that there is a fourth way to deal with hard breaks–suffer. But why bother? This injury has caused enough inconvenience and physical discomfort, must I add anger, resentment, impatience? Must I wound myself far more deeply and painfully than the stab in my shoulder?


Not saying it will be easy. I can’t drive like this. I have a disabled mother who requires a lot of physical assistance, and a stepfather who will need transportation to/from a medical procedure in about three weeks. He’s counting on me to provide it. So this is scary.

But I can feel the fear, the frustration, acknowledge it, and then let it go.

So even if my shoulder is injured, I am just fine.

All the rest? It will work out the way it works out, and probably a lot more smoothly without me getting hysterical.

Want to know more about how to thrive no matter your circumstances? Start here:

The Human Connection

I don’t attend many in-person author events. A lot of this is a personality thing. I’m a classic introvert. It takes a lot to pry me away from home and hearth. Also, I hate to drive. So events need to fit in with my husband’s work schedule.  Of course, my solitary existence is aided and abetted by the World Wide Web. Thanks to email, Facebook, Twitter, and my website, I have plenty of friends I’m in contact with on a daily basis, people I haven’t seen in decades…or maybe have never met in person.

Nevertheless, real-time contact is important. It helps keep us human. And gives us a reason to do things like bathe, brush our teeth, comb our hair! Whenever an online friend visits Las Vegas, I try to at least meet for coffee and a chat. Over the past year, I’ve also made an effort to get out more in general.

Me at the Paseo Verde LibraryLocal Authors Showcase

Me at the Paseo Verde LibraryLocal Authors Showcase

This past Saturday I had the good fortune to be included in Paseo Verde Library’s Local Author Showcase. The library put on a great event. I shared a table during the morning session. Not only did I get to connect in person with some Facebook friends, I also met some new faces. We were allowed to sell our books, but I never go to one of these things expecting to make a sale. It’s more a chance to meet readers and talk books. It also helps me remember that my work has a destination past just the trip from my brain to the page.  Those sales numbers emailed to me every month represent real people who’ve taken a chance on me.


My table at the 2015 Paseo Verde Library Local Authors Showcase

My table at the 2015 Paseo Verde Library Local Authors Showcase


I certainly hope that they finish my books feeling that they’ve come out ahead.

The Paseo Verde event is likely to be my last in-person event for a while. Being a temperate-weather person living in the desert, I go to ground from May through late September. It’s a time to enjoy the air conditioning and dig deeply into my writing and catch up on my reading. With any luck, it’ll be an early autumn…

Just in time for the Las Vegas Valley Book Festival in mid-October.