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14-year old video game champion Scott Molloy thinks life is rough dealing with bonehead parents, a teen-mom sister, and a list of allergies so long, he can’t take a breath without breaking out in hives. It’s a stroke of luck when he and his best friend Kyle “Kranky” Krankowski burn down the local laundromat and miss getting the shots they need for the first day of school–the vaccine’s turning kids into zombies! As the walking dead swarm their small town, Scott and Kranky enlist the help of an ex-Marine and his zombie-sniffing military dog. Together they hatch a plan to escape with Scott’s sister and her baby. But sometimes safe places aren’t what they seem, and Scott soon finds himself up against a monster even scarier than the ones who want to eat his brain.

Morgrim's Wood

Morgrim’s Wood

Once upon a time, Katie and Mommy were inseparable.

Pamela German’s happily ever after ended with the suicide of her fifteen-year-old daughter, Kate. A gnawing grief has undermined her marriage and her relationship with her two surviving girls ever since.

Something has to change. Pamela agrees to have Kate’s room–untouched since her death–redecorated. Refusing to be present during the transformation, Pamela travels with her sister-in-law and their three kids to upstate New York’s Catskill Mountains.

A Storybook Kingdom. An Ancient Evil.

What begins with a violent encounter on a dark, rural road soon spins out of control, drawing the family into a secret world hidden in the forest surrounding their isolated cabin. They find themselves trapped in a cursed land, hunted by an insidious entity that destroys everything in its path. Only through sheer determination and a strange, dreamlike connection with her lost Kate can Pamela navigate this upside-down realm, try to defeat the forces threatening them, and fight to reclaim what she loves most, her family.

Death Times Three (Two Stories and a Novella)

Death Times Three

…A popular artist is murdered in his own gallery.

…A pagan fertility ritual at an isolated goddess sanctuary goes terribly wrong.

…A school group’s excursion to a desert wildlife refuge reveals that the most dangerous predators walk on two legs.

There’s more to life in Sin City than casinos, bright lights, and showgirls. Just ask recently divorced librarian Elinor Gray. Her day job coordinating special events for the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District isn’t all that exciting. Except Elinor has a knack for stumbling—sometimes literally—over dead bodies and into the arms of Detective Guillermo “Guy” Villanueva. Too bad his ex-stripper little sister is the slut who ruined Elinor’s marriage.

Death Times Three is a mini-collection (two stories and a novella) of short mysteries that prove what happens in Vegas can be fatal.

Knife Skills

Knife Skills

Fans of Jane Austen will enjoy this modern re-telling of Mansfield Park set in Long Island wine country.

It’s all burners on high for Chef Molly Price, about to start her first restaurant job on her aunt and uncle’s Long Island vineyard. They took Molly in as a child, and she’s determined not to let them down. But it’s hard to focus on the perfect bread pudding with a no-good ex who won’t leave her alone and a best guy friend who’s as cranky as he is kissable. Love, family, and career all come to a boil when tragedy forces Molly to reconnect with her troubled parents and she must step in to save her five-year-old sister. Molly soon learns that, though her sauces never break, the same can’t be said for her heart.

The Ways of Mud and Bone

The Ways of Mud and Bone

In the summer of 1918, as the Great War rages in Europe, nineteen-year-old Meryl Goodson’s small-town life is shattered when her cousin Nora’s fiancé is killed in France. The tragedy causes a rift in the community between those for the war and those against it. As local tensions rise, Meryl begins her service with an overseas relief unit. Caught up in her own brutal day-to-day struggle in war-weary France, she is unaware of how far matters have deteriorated at home. The truth leaves her broken and grieving. Is the world she once knew gone forever? Or can the friendships she’s made help Meryl find the strength to begin again?

A bit like Little Women meets All Quiet on the Western Front, The Ways of Mud and Bone is a uniquely American book about the war to end all wars.