About Carrie Ann Lahain

I write literary fiction that crosses into genre territory. Whether historical fiction, romance, mystery or paranormal, my novels are populated by lost people who go through hell to find themselves again. In my fictional worlds, good guys finish first. Eventually.

My biggest passion after writing and my pets is reading. My author site is centered around my book blog, Good Writers Read. So I write. I read. And then I write about what I read. Not a bad way to spend a work day.

I also love to learn. I received my B.A. in Anthropology from SUNY Stony Brook and an M.A. from Rutgers. I also did a stint in culinary school–I make a mean Black Forest Cake. It amazes me how much of what I’ve studied ends up in my books and stories. I guess a good education really does pay you back.

My first novel The Ways of Mud and Bone explores the Amercian experience of WW I through the eyes of a small-town girl whose life is forever changed when her childhood friend is killed in combat. Knife Skills, my second novel, is a retelling of Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park set in Long Island’s wine country. Young Chef Molly Price, raised by her aunt and uncle, is forced to reconnect with her troubled parents in order to save her five-year-old sister from foster care.

My genre work spans all realms of the scary and fantastic. In the dark fairy tale Morgrim’s Wood, a woman grieving the suicide of her teenage daughter takes her younger girls on a trip to the Catskill Mountains and is drawn into a storybook world hidden in forest surrounding their isolated cabin. I have my zombie-loving mom to thank for Dead Town14-year-old video game champion Scott Molloy is plunged into real-time peril when the walking dead invade his sleepy home town.

As much as I love writing novels, I also work in other literary forms.  Death Times Three is a mini-anthology of short mysteries starring  Elinor Gray, a Las Vegas librarian with a bad habit of stumbling over dead bodies. My short stories, essays and poems have appeared in anthologies, literary journals and small magazines such as The Wrong Side of the Law, Red Rock Review, Italian Americana, Art Times, Mature Years, Libido, and Writing Sociology.

Learn more about me and my current/future projects: https://www.goodreads.com/user_carrieannlahain https://www.facebook.com/CarrieAnnLahainAuthor