Monthly Archives: November 2013

It’s About Books. Reading. Writing. Discussing. BOOKS!

My name is Carrie Ann Lahain. I’m an author of genre-blurring literary fiction. I live, write and READ in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Have I mentioned that I love books?

I love to read books, to write books, to edit books, to review books and to talk about BOOKS.┬áThat’s what this Blog is all about. In these pages, I’m going to share what I’m reading (Good Writers Read), give you a sneak peek at what I’m writing (Carrie’s Notebook), and offer some great tips on editing and revising your own creative work (Revise Time!). We’re also going to have plenty of fun along the way (Play With Me!) with contests, giveaways, and literary-themed surveys and quotes.

It’s all happening here.

So come back often and enjoy an ever-changing buffet of book-themed content.

You’ll be glad you did.